3 Types of Drivers: Which One Are You?

When it comes to purchasing insurance, there are three types of drivers out there: The Deceitful Driver, the Means-Well Minimalist and the Above Average Joe. All three carry different consequences. Which one are you?

1. Deceitful Driver

Deceitful Drivers choose not to purchase any insurance and take two big chances: that they a.) won’t be caught and b.) won’t be in an accident. Although the vast majority of states require a minimum amount of vehicle coverage, some choose not to abide by these laws. Reasons may include having a poor driving record, not legally carrying a license, or simply not wanting to pay for insurance. As a legal driver, this is a huge danger you face when getting behind the wheel. Deceitful Drivers are those you need to be insured against!

2. Means-Well Minimalist

As previously mentioned, the vast majority of states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of coverage. A Means-Well Minimalist does just that, purchasing the bare minimum to remain a legal driver. Most of these drivers want to keep insurance costs down while continuing to feel safe on the road. Unfortunately, the minimum amount of insurance isn’t always adequate in the event the driver is injured in an accident.

3. Above Average Joe

As you may have guessed, the Above Average Joe purchases more than the required amount of coverage. This driver may choose to add on Bodily Injury Liability (BIL), Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Uninsured Motorist (UM) or other options. The Above Average Joe is well aware that an accident can disrupt life in an instant. Fortunately, higher levels of coverage often come at an affordable cost, and these drivers recognize the need to protect themselves from the buyers mentioned in the previous two categories.

So, which type of buyer are you? We understand nobody wants to spend more money than necessary; but take it from a top Tampa Bay car accident attorney, we have witnessed many be devastated upon realizing the at-fault driver had little or no insurance. For more than 30 years, The Ruth Law Team has represented those individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own. Purchasing higher levels of insurance could prevent a financial nightmare in the future!

Thanks to our friends and blog authors at The Ruth Law Team for their insight into the importance of adequate car insurance.