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Truck accidents happen every day and are caused by a number of different reasons. Let’s take a closer look at five common accident scenarios involving trucks and cars:

  1. Accidents Involving Blind Spots

 One of the most common accident scenarios involving trucks and cars has to do with blind spots. There are three different blind spots in a truck: one in the very front of the truck, one in the back and one beside the right-hand door of the truck. Not all drivers are aware of these blind spots and might stay in one of these spots for a long time.

  1. Tired Drivers

 Truck drivers are on strict deadlines, so they often drive for many hours at a time. which invariably means driving lengthy hours without many breaks. All of this driving can tire out the most experienced truck drivers and cause them to lose focus of the road. If you notice that a truck driver is dozing off, you should make signals to the driver to indicate he or she should pull over. You should also drive away as quickly as possible and call 911 to report an unsafe driver.

  1. Poor Road Conditions

Accidents with cars and trucks can also occur if there are poor road conditions. Icy roads are especially dangerous to large trucks because up to 18 wheels will have to be properly maintained. A truck can spin out of control and run into another vehicle if there are poor weather conditions. To reduce the risk of these accidents, you should stay at least five seconds away from a truck during poor road conditions.

  1. Changing Lanes Too Quickly

If a car tires to switch lanes too quickly while next to a truck, an accident is more likely to occur. Large trucks have blind spots on the sides and rear, so a truck driver won’t see a car that changes lanes too fast.

  1. Passing When a Truck is Turning Right

When car drivers see a truck turning ride, they often try to pass it by moving into the left lane. This is very dangerous because trucks will steer widely to the left to safely turn right and hit cars in the way.

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