Chiropractic Treatment After an Accident In Home Or Workplace

Slip and falls can occur in the home or the workplace and are extremely common. If you fell due to a situation of negligence such as a poorly constructed staircase, unmarked wet floors, or bad floor finishing; you may be entitled to sue the manager or landlord of the property. A personal injury claim attempts to gain compensation for damages to your physical, mental and/or emotional well-being resulting from an accident that you weren’t liable for.

Treatment Documentation

A chiropractor or knee pain doctor trusts can help you treat injuries all kinds of injuries, including injuries to the spine, neck, joints, and back after a slip and fall. They deal with soft tissue injuries after injuries and can ease and get rid of those types of injuries sustained in an accident. The records provided by your doctor can show the necessity of your treatment and how the treatment was given. Documentation should be extremely detailed regarding treatment, dates and times of doctor visits, and any medication administered. The records will help prove your case is valid and your pain is genuine. The costs of treatment can definitely be included in your claim for compensation.

 Making a Strong Case

You will not be awarded damages if you cannot prove that your injuries and medical expenses are legitimate. You can prove the legitimacy by presenting your medical documentation of conditions, treatments and symptoms; or you can provide billing records proving how much treatment cost you.

You may be denied compensation if the records are incomplete or unclear and your chiropractic treatment may be considered unnecessary because it does not accurately support the expenses.

Hiring an Expert Witness to Prove Your Case

If your case doesn’t settle out of court, then you might have to hire a personal injury lawyer to prove that your treatment was necessary for recovery and directly related to your accident. You have to try to prove that you may not have been able to return to a reasonable quality of life following your accident. The defendant may hire an expert to prove that your treatment was unnecessary.

Chiropractic care is classified as an acceptable medical expense in a court of law and is not prohibited in personal injury claims. Usually a personal injury claim doesn’t make it to court so you should make sure that you are healed or have reached the highest possible recovery level before settling for an offer. That way you avoid a missed opportunity for paying more medical bills that may result after a settlement is reached. An experienced lawyer can help you prove the need for chiropractic treatment and guide you in the next steps going to trial.