Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

Cruise Accident Lawyer DC | Cruise Accident Attorney DCCruises are an increasingly popular vacation option for Americans, and many cruise ships set sail from the harbors in the DC metro area every year. Unfortunately, cruise ship accidents and injuries have also become increasingly popular and can often require the involvement of an attorney. Cruise ships offer the convenience of travel between different places and a variety of activities at reasonable costs, but there are risks that cruise ship passengers occasionally face.

One such risk comes from tainted food or water. While these incidents are generally infrequent, when they do occur they can have severely impact large numbers of cruise line passengers. The close quarters and shared water supply of cruise ships provide an environment where sickness and diseases can easily spread. And if a large portion of the passengers become ill, a cruise ship’s limited medical resources can be quickly exhausted. Other cruise ship injuries can include slip and fall injuries, assaults on passengers by crew members or cruise employees, injuries that occur during on-shore activities and injuries that occur as the result of cruise ship emergencies.

Recently in the news, the number of emergencies on cruise ships has been of great concern for many people. Notably, from 2013, an engine fire on a Carnival cruise ship left over 4,000 passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for 8 days with no food or clean water and a leaking septic system. Other cruise ship accidents that can, and have, occurred include collisions with reefs or other ships, the spread of viruses, and food poisoning. Each of these incidents has the potential of harming the thousands of passengers on board.

Typically, cruise ship tickets will contain contractual language that place hurdles on recovering costs for any injuries sustained while on a cruise. These agreements sometimes have requirements that the cruise passenger inform the cruise line of the injury within a certain period of time. These provisions may or may not be enforceable in court. In some cases, if the passenger fails to report his or her injury within the designated amount of time, it can be impossible to seek compensation for any damages. Keep in mind that frequently cruise ships are incorporated and registered overseas, which can further complicate matters. If you are injured while on a cruise ship seek legal counsel right away to understand your rights.

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