Washington DC Dog Bite Attorney Services

Dogs are commonly considered to be man’s best friend. However, for some, dogs can be someone’s worst nightmare. It is the natural instinct of most to reach down and pet a dog when it walks by, but if the dog feels threatened by the sudden movement or has a naturally aggressive personality it will not hesitate to attack, which can lead to serious wounds. While people of all ages and genders are the victims of dog bites, children tend to be at the greatest risk to be bitten by a dog, followed by adult males. While some dogs may be naturally aggressive, or trained to attack, not every dog attack is the result of a viscous dog. Good dogs bite people too, and even the friendliest family pet can pose a risk when not properly controlled.

An estimated 4.7 million dog bites occur in the United States each year. One in five of these bites require medical attention, ranging from a few stitches to major reconstructive surgery. If the injury is severe enough to require medical attention, the cost of doctor’s visits and surgery can be extremely high. Depending on the medical attention required, complications and infections during surgery can sometimes lead to death. Emotional trauma can also result from a dog bite, especially for young children who bitten by a canine.

The law in Washington DC (as well as in Maryland and Northern Virginia), generally places a duty on dog owners to control their pets at all times to keep them from injuring others. This is true whether it’s a stranger on a public sidewalk, or a guest in the owner’s home. The vast majority of the time a dog bite occurs is because the dog’s owner acted negligently by improperly training the dog, letting the dog loose or failing to warn guests that dog is easily threatened. When that happens, the dog bite victim is entitled to compensation for their injuries – including the emotional distress that accompanies being attacked by an animal.

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