How A Public Relations Firm Can Help A Case

Controlling the Media in a High Profile Case

In a high profile case, such as a murder charge, the media is more likely to play the story on the news. Media outlets, like local news channels, receive their income based on the number viewers and level of ratings they have. This is highly influenced by the overall interest in their stories. If the news or media outlet decides to tell the story of the case one way, while omitting details that could make the case less interesting, then they will. This is where a public relations firm comes in.

Why Hire A PR Firm When You Have An Attorney?

An attorney can do everything in their power to secure any rights you may have in the suit, but cannot always relay the information of it in a positive and appropriate manner to the press. A public relations firm may be hired to help protect the reputation of their client, no matter what the lawsuit entails. The goal of a PR firm is to maintain relationships between the media, attorneys, and the client. This ensures that the reputation of the client is not defamed, and that all parties have an understanding of the situation.

If the jury hears of the case before trial, they may be swayed by the attention of it in the media. The jury’s decision is of utmost importance, as they may have the final say in the verdict of the trial. The media may be prone to slander or libel as well, which will not help the case. A PR firm will help the transparency of the case, and will ensure that pertinent information helping the reputation of the client is relayed to the public.

Contacting a Public Relations Firm

A public relations professional may be essential to a successful high profile civil lawsuit. Any media attention may make or break a case that is highly publicized in the media. First and foremost, though, if one has been accused of a serious crime, it is essential to consult with an experienced attorney.

Once an attorney has been hired to help with the case, it is advised to get a public relations representative to help control the media coverage of the trial. Be sure to do research on the PR firm that is hired, though. Extensive knowledge of litigation and the certain type of lawsuit that is at hand is essential for the PR firm to know. Like most professionals, there will be some PR firms that have more knowledge in your particular lawsuit than others.

In this day and age, the media can spin a story however they feel is necessary to get the most attention from their audience, and this can mean bad things for a high profile case. Hiring a PR rep will help keep a positive outlook on the case, and will also consult with your attorney to discuss the best possible actions. It is important for both attorney and PR rep to understand the laws involved in the case, and to prepare all parties for the future. In the event you find yourself needing public relations advice, contact Crisis PR firm or locals for guidance.