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Most Common Types of Burn Injury Scenarios 

Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries can impact your life in many ways. A burn injury is not only painful, but can leave permanent scars and disfigurement. You can count on a burn injury lawyer to be your legal advocate and help you recover compensation for the losses that you have endured. No one should have to struggle after suffering a life-changing burn injury. Allow a skilled and top-rated lawyer to provide you legal assistance so that you don’t have to go through your difficult ordeal alone.

Car Accidents 

A common scenario that many burn injury lawyers see involve clients who have suffered burns as a result of a car accident. Some car accidents can be so severe that the car will burst in flames. Victims may get trapped inside the vehicle and suffer burn injuries as a result. In other cases, a vehicle such as a commercial truck leaks gasoline, causing a fire and affecting other vehicles around it.

Workplace Accidents

A lot of people who suffer burns receive them because they work in industries where accidents are common, especially individuals who are exposed to routine occupational hazards. As a burn injury lawyer is familiar with, many workplace accidents happen in places such as restaurants and factories. Firefighters and construction workers are also prone to suffering burns because of the nature of their work.

Hot Liquid or Steam 

Many burns can be caused by boiling water or hot steam. These burn injuries can occur almost anywhere, such as commercial buildings or restaurants. Burst pipes can cause steam to scald unsuspecting people. Another example is if a waiter at a restaurant accidentally spills hot tea or coffee on a customer. These can cause painful injuries that require medical treatment. 

Electrical Accidents

Some burns are caused due to electrical fires. Downed power lines or faulty wires in an apartment can cause these types of burns. These accidents can be caused due to poor maintenance or negligent workers. 

Defective Products 

Products that consumers use can have defects, some of which can cause painful burns. Power tools and electronic devices can come with faulty parts that can become too hot or catch fire. Companies are responsible for testing their products so that they can be safely used.