Motorcycle Safety Tips

There are hundreds of law firms that have provided legal counsel for hundreds of motorcyclists that have been injured while riding. Having a motorcycle allows for fun on the road but also involves more dangers. If you have been in an accident it’s important to find a lawyer that can help you achieve the compensation you deserve. While most lawyers want motorcyclists to be be safe on the road and to avoid injuries, accidents occur all the time and it is impossible to completely plan for every accident. However, there are precautionary steps that you can take to help  increase your safety.

Increase your safety by:

Wearing Proper Gear

You should always wear a helmet. Some lawyers may tell you that in certain states it is the law whereas in others it is not. Whether it is the law or not, it is highly recommended that you wear a helmet to help protect yourself from severe head injuries. In addition, you should wear protect clothing such as boots, leather clothing, and gloves. This will help minimize injuries if you were to skid or be in an accident. Lastly, wearing reflective tape or reflective clothing will make it easier for other drivers to see you.

Follow Traffic Laws

Obey the speed limit, stop lights, stop signs, and road signs. It is extremely important to obey the speed limits because the faster you go the longer it will take to stop. If you get in an accident and you were breaking one of the traffic laws it may be more difficult for lawyers to get you the compensation you need.

Ride Defensively

Many lawyers may advise you that most motorcycle accidents are caused because a driver was violating the rider’s right of way. However, you should assume that a driver can’t see you and do your best avoid blind spots, watch for turning vehicles, and use your turning signals far in advance.

Prepare Your Bike Before You Ride

You should do your best to make sure that your motorcycle is in safe working order before riding. This is just as important as practicing safe driving. You may want to check the following before starting your ride:

  • Look for signs of gas leaks or oil leaks under the motorcycle
  • Check the tires for any bulges, cracks or signs of wear and tear in the treads
  • You should check the levels of the coolant and hydraulic fluids weekly
  • Test your headlights for high and low beams and make sure all of the lights are working correctly.

Contact A Lawyer Today

Taking these safety tips seriously may help decrease your chances of being in an accident but they cannot fully prevent them. If you have been in a crash, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer residents trust that will defend your case vigorously and be there to defend you.