Orlando Pill Mill Case Continues

In 2012 agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) made headlines for taking down an alleged pill mill clinic near downtown Orlando.  The Orlando Police Department, FDLE, and MBI agents arrested the owners of Pain Relief of Orlando and the doctors who worked in the clinics.  This investigation and prosecution had been going on since 2011 and last month another defendant, Dr. Aron Rotman, had the charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering, and three counts of delivery of oxycodone dismissed.

This case has taken on a life of its own as it has been over four years since the initial arrests and the last defendant standing is Lewis Shapiro, the alleged owner of the clinic.  In August of 2012 the Orlando Sentinel had uncovered a secret plea deal that Dr. Jummani entered into with the government.  Jummani plead guilty to racketeering charges that stem from the illegal distribution of oxycodone.  His agreement calls for 21 months in prison but the plea agreement shows the state will recommend six months in the county jail if Dr. Jummani agrees to cooperate with the government.  Later Lewis Shapiro’s two sons entered pleas to improperly running a pain management clinic.

Now it appears that Dr. Rotman has entered a plea no contest to improperly maintaining medical records, a misdemeanor.  His case was set for trial in May but it appears that on the eve of trial his case was resolved.  Dr. Rotman’s attorney, Jay Rooth, stated “Dr. Rotman has at all times maintained his innocence.  He has never written a prescription for pain medication to anyone who did not require it.  Dr. Rotman is excited to move on with his life and continue his practice of medicine.”  Rotman was originally charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering and three counts of improperly delivering oxycodone.  Those charges carried a maximum punishment of 45 years.

The last remaining defendant Lewis Shapiro has not been scheduled for trial yet.