Slip and Fall Accidents 

A slip and fall accident can occur almost anywhere. This type of situation isn’t planned and can be cause of embarrassment. Even though they can be embarrassing, sometimes this situation can also lead to serious injury as well.

Common Places for a Slip and Fall

The most common places a slip and fall accident can occur are faulty stairs, escalators, grocery stores, supermarkets, sidewalks, driveways, gyms, and the workplace, just to name a few. Being that many of these locations are accessible to the general public, it is important to not walk away from the scene of a slip and fall accident. By walking away, you increase your chance of causing further injury, as well as preventing others from falling victim to the same accident occurring.

Seek Medical Attention

The main concern of a slip and fall is injury to the victim. A slip and fall can result in serious injury to the victim such as broken bones, a concussion, dislocated body parts, and more. To not further harm you by trying to walk away, you should call 911 and seek medical attention. Calling the police will aid in getting a better understanding of why the slip and fall occurred in the first place and mark the scene of the accident so no other person gets injured. 

Who Is Responsible

When a slip and fall occurs, there is someone who should be held responsible for this negligence. In the event that it is not you, you can potentially seek personal injury claims against those who were negligent. If the slip and fall takes place at a hotel, you may be able to seek compensation from them for their lack of duty of care. They owe those who stay at the establishment a safe place to stay. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Maybe an employee did not do his or her part in placing the proper signs around an area that was unsafe. Maybe a waitress did not make the cook aware of the allergies that you shared with them. There are so many ways that an establishment can be found responsible for damages — slip and falls are just one of many.

Contact an Attorney 

Should you or someone you know be a victim of a slip and fall, contact a slip and fall lawyer, like a slip and fall lawyer in Decatur, GA, as soon as possible to see what your legal options are. Speaking with a skilled attorney can make all of the difference in you or your loved ones case.



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