Slip and Falls and Potential Hidden Injuries

If you have ever slipped in a public place due to a unsafe condition on the property and through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  In their years’ of practice, the attorneys have learned many things about personal injury cases and about slip and fall cases, specifically. One of the most surprising things they have learned is that injuries from a slip and fall may not manifest until days or even weeks after the incident.

Hidden Injuries Lead to Unexpected Costs

In the moment, many victims of slip and falls are embarrassed or surprised to such an extent that adrenaline takes over and they get up right way, dusting themselves off and saying everything is fine. Unfortunately, this initial reaction may give way later to pain and suffering after the initial shock of the event has worn off. This is dangerous two major ways:

  • The injured person may not get the medical care they need. Because they are not aware of the injury at first, the slip and fall victim may go about their day, without seeking medical care. This may worsen the severity of the injury by delaying  important treatment. It may also worsen the severity of the injury because the person continues to use the injured body part normally, without modification to keep the injury from getting worse. For example, an injury such as a concussion, without treatment, may result in very serious consequences including death if the victim is not monitored for hemorrhaging, brain swelling, and other potentially grave side effects of a head injury.
  • The injured person may lose their opportunity to gather important evidence from the scene. If the injured person believes that they are fine, they may not immediately be thinking of a personal injury claim. This can result in a missed opportunity to take pictures of the scene of the accident before it is cleaned up by the premises owner, a missed opportunity to file an accident report with the business, and a missed opportunity to get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the fall or the unsafe conditions on the premises. Although it is still possible to build a case without getting this evidence right after the incident, it is ideal to get this information right away.

In summary, if you or a loved one have suffered a slip and fall, it is important that you consider getting a medical evaluation as soon after the incident as possible. A medical professional will be able to listen to the circumstances of your fall and identify the proper diagnostic tools necessary to make sure that you do not have a hidden injury that could manifest hours, days, or weeks later with unfortunate and avoidable side effects.

If you or a loved one have suffered a slip and fall, it is also important that you talk with an attorney about your claim as soon as you have addressed any emergent medical issues. A competent and experienced attorney, like a slip and fall accident lawyer Queens, NY trusts, can help you build your case and get the compensation that you need to get back to your life.

Thank you to Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C for providing their insight on slip and fall accidents.