Types of Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury is a wide area of the law that covers many types of harm. If you want to file a lawsuit because you were hurt, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in whatever subset of this legal discipline that fits your situation. Here are a few areas of personal injury practice and the types of cases these specialists handle.

Medical Malpractice

One widely recognized area of personal injury is medical malpractice. Horror stories of people being misdiagnosed or undergoing the wrong operation abound. There are even reports of surgeons posting on social media and playing games during surgery. The cost of additional medical care can be exorbitant, and the suffering is tragic and unnecessary. A successful personal injury lawsuit can help relieve these burdens.

Wrongful Death

This class of personal injury lawsuit gets filed when someone is guilty of negligence that results in someone else’s death. Negligence covers a large variety of irresponsibility. In every wrongful death case, the guilty party must have provably failed to assure someone else’s safety. Wrongful death incidents occur in nursing homes, at construction sites, and on airplane runways, just to name a few. Death resulting from the use of a defective product also falls into this category.

Premises Liability

When we go somewhere, we expect a certain level of assurance that our presence will not result in our being hurt. Public areas that are unsafe remain targets for lawsuits when visitors get injured. Examples of these places include gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. For instance, if a floor is wet and slippery, there needs to be a sign warning everyone of the potential danger. When there isn’t, and someone slips and falls, that victim has good reason to sue.

As a dog bite lawyer can explain, premises liability cases may also take place on private property. Think about someone having the right to enter another individual’s backyard, and now think about what that means if they were bitten by an unsecured dog. Such circumstances merit a premises liability case. Another common example is a repair professional being instructed to ascend a set of unsafe stairs. It is incumbent on the homeowner to provide words of caution.

Vehicle Accidents

Millions of people are injured in car accidents every year. When there is clear evidence of one driver’s recklessness, that person needs to pay for associated injuries and property loss. Whether you were driving another vehicle at the time of the incident or just crossing the street, you deserve compensation. A personal injury attorney is exactly the person you should contact when suing is the logical next step.

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury have many areas of expertise, from wrongful death to vehicle accidents and more. Match yourself with an attorney whose experience best fits the circumstances of your case.