Warning Signs Of A Traumatic Brain Injury 

A brain injury is devastating and whether you suffer a severe or minor one, it demands immediate medical attention. The consequences of a traumatic brain injury, even a mild one, can be long-term. If it is left untreated, then the damage will be permanent. People who suffer from brain injuries may need life-long specialized care even after they are able to recover. Knowing the early signs and symptoms of a brain injury can help you take action much earlier and increase your chances of recovery. Below are common signs of traumatic brain injuries that you should be familiar with. 


A common sign of a brain injury is a headache. You may experience a dull, throbbing or sharp pain after suffering a fall or if an object strikes your head. Headaches should usually go away after a while, but if your headache is persistent or seems to be getting worse, it should not be ignored. A headache that is particularly severe could also be an indicator that you have suffered a brain injury. 

Blurry or Distorted Vision 

Issues with vision are common among brain injury patients. A traumatic brain injury can disrupt your brain’s ability to process images, which can result in blurry vision. You may see that straight lines are wavy or you could have trouble keeping an image in focus. Simple activities like reading and driving could be affected because your vision is distorted.


If you try to stand up or sit down and feel vertigo or a sense of imbalance, it could be a sign of a brain injury, as an experienced mild traumatic brain injury lawyer such as one from Yearin Law Office can tell you more about. Dizziness can make it hard to get up and walk around and navigate your environment. You could feel light-headed and have a hard time walking straight. If you experience constant dizziness after suffering a head injury, you should seek medical attention right away.  

Light Sensitivity 

Being sensitive to light can be another indicator of a traumatic brain injury. People who suffer traumatic brain injuries may become sensitive to light. They might have trouble being around bright places or being outside for long periods. Being sensitive to light could be a sign that you have damage to your brain. 

Memory or Concentration Issues 

Memory loss and cognitive issues are also associated with traumatic brain injuries. If you have a hard time remembering things throughout the day or you have difficulty contracting on a task, a brain injury may be the reason. Any kind of problem with cognitive tasks can indicate damage to your brain. 

A traumatic brain injury should always be taken seriously. Not seeking treatment can result in serious health consequences that can be permanent. To learn more about what you should do if your brain injury was a result of negligence, reach out to a skilled traumatic brain injury lawyer in your area now.