What to Do if You Were Involved in a Construction Site Accident 

Construction workers do jobs that not everyone would want to do but these jobs have to be done. After all, if you don’t have somebody building things, then eventually society would collapse. However this means that construction work is very dangerous, and getting an injury on a construction site can be very expensive and very time-consuming. Not only will you have medical bills but you will also be unlikely to work while healing.

So if you have been injured in a construction accident then you should reach out to a construction accident lawyer in New Jersey, such as the ones available at Rispoli and Borneo PC. A construction accident lawyer in New Jersey is going to have a better idea than you about how to help you cover the cost of your medical bills, any in-home care that you receive in much more after you have been injured in a construction work accident.

But what should you do after a construction site accident? That’s a great question, and doing the steps in these orders is going to be able to ensure that you and the insurance company have a very clear-cut case.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident and there are some things that you should do, to ensure that if you file a personal injury claim that your claim is as clear-cut as can be. This is not a foreign exhaustive list however it is a good idea of some things that you should generally do no matter the type of accident that you are in.

  • You should call the police. This is not only important because they would document the incident and send an ambulance, but if you have a police report on hand and you decide to file a workers compensation suit or a construction accident lawsuit, personal injury lawsuit, whatever kind of lawsuit you are trying to file having that police report on file is going to look a lot better. The police report is going to detail things that your insurance company is going to look for when you are filing a claim against them.
  • Often after calling an ambulance there’s going to be a few minutes between the arrival of the ambulance and a call. Therefore if you are physically able to move, you should take pictures of the conditions, defective equipment, any other safety hazard that caused the accident, you should feel free to take pictures of your injuries and more. The more photos and evidence you can gather during this time the better.
  • After this point before you go to the hospital, you should only speak with witnesses to the accident and request contact information. This is going because you have to reach out to them later about your case. You should get written or verbally recorded payments that corroborate your claim that you are going to be filing.
  • After you have been treated you should ask your doctor for all documents related to your medical care, your injury, and the bills. This is a step that your lawyer can do for you or you can do for yourself, and save some time for your construction accident lawyer New Jersey.
  • After those so if you have not already hired a construction accident lawyer New Jersey usually hire one and they should be experienced in construction law.