Workers Injury Lawyer Arlington Heights, IL 

A work-related injury can cause you a lot of hardship. You experience physical and emotional pain and are left to deal with how to provide for yourself after missing several days of work. No one should have to figure out how to navigate a worker injury alone, but thankfully a lawyer is available. They can provide legal services to help you prepare a claim to obtain financial compensation. However, the claims process is often complicated to go through. A workers injury lawyer like one at Therman Law Offices, LTD can tell you several things you should know about filing a claim. 

Report the Accident 

You need to file a report right after the accident occurred. Waiting too long can hurt your case because the insurance company may argue that you did not suffer an injury. They can claim that since you did not take action right away, you were not seriously harmed. Make sure you file a detailed formal report so that your employer knows what kind of accident occurred and the injuries you sustained. 

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Go to a doctor right away after your accident. They need to evaluate your condition and note what injuries you suffered. If you delay seeking medical help, you could have a harder time getting the compensation you are entitled to. Having a medical report is a strong piece of evidence that you should include in your claim. Getting medical treatment right away is one of the things that can greatly boost the strength of your personal injury claim. 

Follow Up With Your Employer

After you have submitted the accident report, given your detailed account of the types of injuries that you have sustained, make sure that you check in on the status of your claim. You need to provide any updates about any changes to your medical condition to your employer. Ask them if you need to provide additional documents regarding the accident. They will explain other steps that you need to take. 

Contact a Skilled Lawyer 

Talking to a lawyer right away can make your situation much less complicated and stressful to deal with. They will provide personalized legal assistance and walk you through the claim. Request help from a qualified lawyer if you are filing a worker’s injury claim.