At the Injury Law Education Center (ILEC), our primary goal is to provide easy to understand, accessible information for victims of personal injury who have little or no experience with the legal system. Why do we think this is so important? Our personal injury attorneys have decades of combined experience with negotiating car accident, medical malpractice and birth injury claims, and know just how complicated they can be.

Those who pursue their claim without legal representation often fall prey to insurance companies, who work hard to keep victims from winning all the compensation that they deserve. Understanding as much as you can about injury claims is the first step to reaching a fair settlement. If you pursue a car accident, birth injury, or medical malpractice claim without a grasp on all the information available to you, you can leave thousands of dollars on the table that should go to you and your family.
Get Informed
Without legal knowledge and experience, it’s impossible to accurately estimate the value of your case. Information provided at the ILEC can help you decide what you should ask for, and what you should fight for. Settlements from injury cases involve several different factors – medical bills, time lost from work, and often consideration of the victim’s pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of your accident, claims can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands.

If you do choose to seek representation from a personal injury attorney, you need to be sure that your case is handled by an experienced professional. Your attorney should be vetted thoroughly to confirm that his or her qualifications and background meet your needs. The ILEC can help you follow the necessary steps to find the best attorney for your injury case – including guidance on free consultations and fees.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge help insurance companies and overpriced attorneys take the money that you deserve. Get informed, and get what you are entitled to.