How Long Will My Case Take To Settle?Ah, this is a great question!  Many injured victims want to know how long it will take for their personal injury case to get resolved.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy question.  Some cases can be concluded in a matter of months.  But others may take years.  Let’s explain.

Factors Contributing to the Length of a Case

Say you were injured in a car accident case in Maryland, and you decide to hire a Maryland car accident lawyer.  If your injuries were minor, then the odds are that you will finish treating with your doctor in short amount of time.  If liability – meaning, how the case occurred – is cut and dried, then it’s possible that the insurance company will settle the case quickly.  Conversely, if the Maryland auto accident lawyer assisting you recognizes that your injuries are serious, then it will take much longer for you to finish your treatment.  This means that the case will not likely be started until you have reached your maximum medical recovery.  Matters may be further compounded if the case is not so clear.  Maybe the person that struck you after he ran a red light, is not accepting liability.  In that case, the matter may need to be litigated, and litigation takes time.  Your Maryland personal injury lawyer then will explain that this type of case might take years to resolve.

The Time A Case Takes Can Vary

Each state varies, and you should speak with a competent personal injury lawyer to find out the deadlines.  That said, in general, it is reasonable for small cases to be resolved in months, but more complicated injury cases may take years.