How do I maximize my personal injury settlement?When dealing with personal injuries the most frequent question is, “How do I maximize my personal injury settlement?” Well, the answer is simple. The settlement you reach will be in direct correlation to the injuries you sustain, the damages your property sustains, and how well you document those injuries and damages. Documentation is king in the realm of personal injury lawsuits. So when asking, “How do I maximize my settlement?” you will have hopefully taken the necessary steps to correctly and efficiently document your accident.

Document An Accident To Maximize Your Settlement

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to document an accident in many varieties of media. After the accident occurs, first and always, contact the local police to come mediate and document the accident. Law enforcement records come into play more than you may realize, especially if a case goes to trial. Next, document the accident thoroughly. Use your Smartphone to help you document the event in as many ways as possible. You can take photographs of your car, the other party’s car, and any surrounding objects that could have been involved in the accident such as road signs, damages in the road, etc. Taking video of the event can also be very useful in court. Video can prove a lot more than photography can in most cases. You can record your conversation with the other party after the accident, record the damages and talk about them so you have an exact reference, as well as any other interactions that occur between you and the other party, or law officer. Photos and videos can mean the difference between thousands of dollars when figuring out “how can I maximize my personal injury settlement?”

See A Doctor As Soon As Possible to Maximize Your Settlement

Among this important need for documentation is any and all medical records following the accident. When wondering, “How do I maximize my settlement?” it is certainly the most important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Waiting for more than a day or two to go to the hospital or see a family doctor can create the feeling that your injury was not as significant as you are suggesting, making it harder to convince a judge or jury that you are in need of maximum reimbursement. Do not wait to see if your injuries get worse, or if your pain fades; seeing a doctor immediately will always be the best way to convince anyone that the injuries you sustained are real and critical.  Save and copy any medical records, then provide your personal injury attorney with as much information and documentation as possible. Your settlement attorney will be the one to determine how much you will be able to retrieve based on the extent of your records. When asking your settlement attorney, “How do I maximize my personal injury settlement” these items will undoubtedly be what he or she asks for before beginning the pursuit of your case.