Child Protective Services

If you google “CPS horror stories” you will be amazed at the amount of negative information you can find regarding CPS and removal of children. In Texas, CPS is tasked with protecting children from abuse and neglect. CPS can remove your children without a court order if the caseworker feels it is necessary to protect the child from abuse or neglect. When CPS shows up at your doorstep everything you do from that point on will be reported. It is essential that you as the parent act accordingly to ensure your rights are protected and your child is not “voluntarily” taken away.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney Before You Sign or Say Anything

One of the ways CPS can take your child away without getting a court order is to have you voluntarily place your child with someone else while the investigation continues. This is rather easy to do when you are faced with accusations of abuse against you regarding your child. Many people cooperate in an effort to show the caseworker that they have nothing to hide. In reality, by voluntarily placing your child with whomever CPS chooses, you now subject yourself to the whim of CPS. The caseworker and supervisor decide the type and amount of contact you may have with your child until the first court hearing. The services, timeframe and investigation will be what CPS dictates. Cooperation with CPS is essential with a child custody lawyer Arlington TX trusts by your side. Speaking with a Family Law Attorney prior to speaking with CPS can save you a great deal of stress later on.

Quite often, our attorneys at the Brandy Austin Law Firm hear about the horror stories from CPS. The process was intimidating, they were forced to sign a safety plan, the allegations were not true, they were confused and just wanted to cooperate to make CPS go away. Our goal at Brandy Austin Law Firm is to hold CPS accountable in the investigation and to help accelerate the reunification of the family with their child.

We will gather the facts of the investigation, obtain the CPS case records, speak with the caseworker, and work with the family to help terminate CPS involvement as quickly as possible. You do not have to become another CPS horror story.  If CPS has taken your child or CPS is attempting to investigate your family, contact the attorneys at Brandy Austin Law Firm to help you fight CPS allegations.

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