Common Causes of Personal Injury Accidents 

Personal injury accidents come in many forms, and the consequences can be life-changing. Getting the right legal assistance can help you recover your losses as you heal. As a trusted personal injury lawyer like one from Therman Law Offices, LTD can explain, clients who work with a lawyer have more resources and a much higher chance at obtaining a higher settlement. They can explain to you some of the most common causes of personal injury accidents, such as the ones below.

Slip and Fall

Serious injuries can occur as a result of slip and fall accidents. They can happen due to a variety of things, from spilled water or food, uneven paths, objects on the floor, poor construction, broken rails, and weather conditions. For example, a person who is walking on a sidewalk that has cracks and uneven pavement can trip and hit their head on the ground, resulting in a brain injury. A property owner or local government body may be held liable if they were aware of the hazard but did not fix or remove it.  

Medical Malpractice 

If you have been injured or ill because of a medical professional’s failure to provide you proper care, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Common reasons that medical malpractice happens are due to negligence that can occur due to diagnostic errors, failure to administer the proper tests, misinterpretation of lab results and wrong prescriptions. Medical malpractice claims are incredibly complex, so you will need a lawyer who has experience successfully representing clients. 

Motorcycle Accident 

Motorcycle accidents are often serious and result in terrible injuries. Compared to cars or trucks, motorcycles offer the least amount of protection to riders. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars or trucks, so other drivers fail to notice when one is around them. Many causes of motorcycle accidents include speeding, distracted driving, improper lane changes, drunk driving, and failure to see traffic signs. This is because many drivers do not yield properly around motorcyclists and share the road with motorcycles. 

Product Defects 

If you have been injured after using a project due to a design flaw, missing part, lack of warnings, or other type of defect, you may be able to recover compensation. Injuries that occur as a result of defects can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Different parties in the product’s supply chain can be held liable for the injury, such as the manufacturer or distributor. 

You need all of the resources that you can get so that you can hope to achieve the outcome that you want. As an accident victim, you do not deserve to go through this experience alone. Reach out to a qualified personal injury lawyer and get the help and answers you need.