Construction Accidents in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

DC Construction Accident Injury Law LawyerConstruction accidents can be extremely devastating events and often require legal counsel from a construction accident attorney. Regardless of where you live, construction is something that everyone is subject to every single day – especially in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Anyone who frequents the beltway in Virginia, or the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland, knows of the hassles and road delays that road repair can cause; and residents of Washington, DC can attest to the constant building of new high-rise apartment complexes that are going up all around the city. Unfortunately, construction can be extremely dangerous, both to workers and the general public.

Understanding DC Construction Accident Law

Typically, construction firms are responsible when it comes to safety and will be held liable in the event of a construction accident. Sometimes, construction accidents can lead to devastating injuries or death. Construction accidents account for almost 20% of worker fatalities. 50% of construction fatalities are caused by falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught in or between objects. Other common construction accidents that can cause serious injuries include scaffolding accidents, trench collapse, equipment failure, and burn injuries. All of these accidents can result in catastrophic personal injuries that lead to the inability to work, which can lead to financial hardship in paying medical bills that result from construction accident injuries.

Why you should retain a construction accident lawyer in DC…

Workers on a construction site are not the only ones exposed to the risk of injury from a construction accident. Passersby can also be at risk of receiving serious injuries if construction standards and regulations are violated. Falling objects can strike any one walking along the street, and drilling can cause pedestrians to trip or fall on the debris and holes that are created. Construction vehicles and equipment also pose serious dangers to the general public.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set standards for construction site employers to adequately protect their employees and regulate construction activity. OSHA also provides training, outreach, education and assistance to enforce regulations. For a full list of construction regulations enforced by OSHA, visit the OSHA website. OSHA also encourages each state to implement its own job safety standards and regulations. Currently, Maryland and Virginia both have a State Plan that includes construction site regulations, safety and enforcement. Violation of any of these regulations, on either the federal or state level, can result in hefty fines to the employer. In fiscal year 2013, 2 of the top 3 cited OSHA standards that were violated include fall protection and scaffolding requirements at construction sites.