Hotel Liability Lawyers & Attorneys in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia play host to millions of people traveling, both on vacation and for business, each year. Unfortunately, basic negligence on the part of the hotel owner, management, or staff can result in injuries to guests or damaged property, and can require the involvement of a hotel accident injury lawyer.

Travel and tourism rank as one of the top 10 largest industries in the United States. Travelers, whether on business or leisure, have the opportunity to choose from over 50,000 hotel Fooproperties and almost 5 million guestrooms throughout the United States. Tourists and business travelers alike want to feel that they’re safe, and that their property is safe, when they stay at any hotel, and hotels have a duty to ensure their premises are safe and secure for its guests. Ensuring safety includes repairing anything that is unsafe, and informing all guests of any unsafe conditions that they are unable to repair. When a guest is misinformed about safety conditions in a hotel, the hotel can be held liable for any injuries that result from those unsafe conditions.

There can be many different types of accidents that happen in a hotel that can cause guests to become injured. Slip and fall accidents can result from unmarked wet floors or slippery stairs; drowning accidents can result if there’s no lifeguard present at the hotel pool or if the pool is not properly maintained; car accidents can occur in hotel parking lots; inadequate security can result in harassment by hotel staff; improper storage of food can lead to food poisoning; and failure to properly clean hotel rooms can lead to bed bugs and other illnesses conceived from unsterilized environments.

Hotels are also expected to makes sure guests property brought into the hotel is safe. Hotel management and staff can be held liable if a guests property is damaged or stolen while staying on hotel premises.

If you were injured, or your property was damaged, while staying at a hotel as the result of negligence on the behalf of the hotel, you should seek advice from a hotel liability lawyer right away to see what types of cases you are eligible for. If your injuries were sustained at a hotel in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, contact a hotel accident injury lawyer at Injury Law Education Center, P.C. right away for consultation on your options. We will work hard to ensure that you seek proper compensation for any injuries, or damages, you sustained while staying at a hotel.