How Long Does a Chiropractic Appointment Last?

If you suffer from chronic pain or have recently been injured, you may enjoy chiropractic care. Many patients report noticeable pain relief, as well as improved health and well-being after attending sessions with a chiropractor like one from AmeriWell Clinics. Routine visits for adjustments help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people interested in chiropractic care wonder how long a typical appointment takes. Find out how long chiropractic adjustments last below.

What Happens at Each Visit?

Understanding your medical history is critical to a successful chiropractic adjustment. During your first visit to the chiropractor, you will discuss your health history and your current condition. The chiropractor will take diagnostic images and perform an examination. This information will help your physician develop your treatment plan.

During future chiropractic visits, you may spend some time chatting with your doctor. You might discuss whether your symptoms improved and where you are in the treatment process. You may also talk about lifestyle issues such as exercise, diet, and nutrition to boost your general wellness between visits. After that, the hands-on manipulation of the joints will take place. Chiropractors usually adjust the spine, but they can also adjust the hips, knees, and shoulders.

How Long Do the Visits Take?

Generally, your first chiropractic visit will last around one hour. A chiropractor’s first consultation is thorough. Performing diagnostic procedures and discussing your current medical concerns takes time. This first meeting is also an opportunity for you to get to know each other.

Following that, you will have much shorter visits. You don’t have to spend as much time preparing since you already have an established relationship with your physician. A visit may last as little as five minutes or as long as a half-hour.

How Often Should You Get an Adjustment?

Your chiropractor will design a treatment plan that reflects your needs. Whether you need immediate pain relief or supportive maintenance, the doctor will determine the interval between visits. A regular adjustment every week may be necessary if you have an active lifestyle. This will reduce pain and prevent injuries. Patients with less active lifestyles may benefit from chiropractic adjustments once a month.

If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, chiropractic care is an option. Your chiropractor may be able to develop a treatment plan that may relieve your pain and improve your condition. Treatment sessions are quick and convenient to fit your schedule. Get in touch with a chiropractor to learn how their care can help.