Prevalent Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks pose a heightened risk to average size vehicles on the road simply because those trucks significantly larger and often carry heavy and sometimes hazardous material. Other drivers must be cautious when driving next to or near a commercial truck. In the following question and answer format, we discuss the prevalent causes of truck accidents, and why you should seek medical treatment immediately after a collision.

What factors can contribute to a truck accident?

Commercial truck drivers are legally required to go through training and obtain licenses in order to get behind the wheel. The nature of the truck business can contribute to accidents. These factors can include:

  • The truck company inadequately training staff about driving safety, protocols and defensive driving.
  • Strict deadlines can encourage drivers to speed and drive for longer periods of time than is safe.
  • While in a rush, truck drivers may not practice safe driving when sharing the road with other vehicles.
  • Truck drivers may become sleepy or disoriented, and a lack of alertness can increase the likelihood of an accident.
  • Truck drivers may be negligent in checking all blind spots before changing lanes or making street turns.

Is a truck driver or car driver more likely to be injured in an accident?

Car drivers are more likely to suffer serious injuries following an accident with a truck. This is mostly due to the vast size difference between a car and truck. The average passenger vehicle weighs about 3,000 pounds. In comparison, a truck fully stocked weighs about 80,000 pounds.

What are the common injuries of a car driver when hit by a truck?

If hit by a commercial truck, a car driver may suffer broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, concussion, deep lacerations, crushed extremities, chemical burns, nerve damage to spinal cord, whiplash, organ bruising, internal bleeding, rib fractures and more. Additionally, the car driver may suffer from emotional trauma and develop conditions associated with anxiety, depression and fear.

What if I feel fine after an accident, do I have to see my doctor?

This is a common question many people ask, and the answer is always the same. Seeking medical attention after an accident is highly recommended. Even if you feel fine enough to walk away from the collision, you should go to the nearest emergency room. During a very stressful event such as a car crash, our bodies trigger our fight or flight response into action. Adrenalyn rushes our system, which can alleviate pain. Once our body calms down, aches and underlying injuries can start to surface.

If a truck driver hits me, can I sue him or her for my injuries?

You can file a lawsuit against the truck driver or their company or both of them to seek compensation for your injuries. Medical bills can accumulate very quickly, resulting in financial distress. If you decide to consult with an attorney, like a truck accident lawyer Bristol, TN trusts, to to help you assert a claim for compensation, he or she can guide you through the legal processes and necessary paperwork, and can file and litigate a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary.


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